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“You fucking reek.” Kara snorts, continuing to bare her fangs. They refused to re-track. It was the werewolf. It was taking her senses over. Oh! How she wished she could sink her fangs into the girl’s flesh. “I’ve never been this close to a werewolf before without attacking…

Kara nodded, looking at the girl up and down. “You look friendly enough.” Extracting her hand, she held it out - “I’m Kara, sorry for being so aggressive - have to stand my guard though, you know how it is.” She shuffled from foot to foot, aggravated. “I haven’t fed in a few days. I’m kind of out of my mind.” Her vision felt fuzzy, and she was pretty weak.

So apparently.


Classes are an everyday thing. Who knew?

Wanna skip and go get high?


Kaya Scodelario in Shank (2010)


Kaya Scodelario in Shank (2010)

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Kara laid down on the beach chair she was occupying. She spent most of her time on the beach, it was usually unoccupied and she could smoke without anyone getting up in her face. She liked that. As the stars in the sky twinkled, Kara closed her eyes, taking another drag of…

Kara looked up, and blinked twice. Holy, he was good looking. “Hey.” She said, tossing him a grin. Watching him sit down, she took a drag off her smoke. “Kara, and you are?” She hadn’t met him yet, and if she had - she would definitely remember a face like that. Best looking guy on campus, definitely. “We haven’t met,”

Why is this whole school full of fucking sluts?



That’s what you say, but when you try to jump on every guy that comes around - people think differently. Down home, you’d get your knees broken. 

Hold the fuck up. I have been with one guy since I arrived at Campbell. One. How does that make me a slut?

Alright then. Get out of my face.